Reference interiors


Reference interiors

Postby Muspila » Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:51 pm

A general question to the reviewers in here:

Which of the created interiors so far should act as reference interiors?

A reference interior should fulfill the following functions:
-having lightsettings that are representative for that kind of interior
-showing the use of most of the important clutter that should be part of that particular kind of interior.
-being overall representative for the style of that kind of interior.
-if it is a cave or a dungeon, it should also display an average size and object-count. A cave should preferable contain human structures that you are usually going to see in bandit caves.

So it is not sufficient that the interior be merely well-detailled. Instead it should be the most average, representative interior of its class.

For that reason I believe the cave interior i made that currently acts as reference-cave is not necessarily the best option. While it has something like an appropriate size, it lacks such things as the Rust russulas Scamp introduced and some interesting rock formations that were developed afterwards. And it does not contain any human structures.

On the other hand it could act as a role-model for a typical grotto-cave. But we ought to have something for usual caves besides that.


Moreover I want to propose reference interiors to be included in the next update of Skyrim-Data. The ones we already have should get renamed/replaced accordingly.

Sky_ref_Logcabin (a typical Logcabin dwelled by a Nord)
Sky_ref_ReachGrotto (a typical grotto in The Reach)
Sky_ref_ReachCave ..

When all outstanding interiors have been reviewed, these could be chosen from the stack of our finished interiors and sent off to Lestat so he can include them in the next Skyrim-Data. Either Samira or Scamp could do that.


I propose the following working scheme in future.

-Before an interior-claim is created no appropriate reference interior exists for, a reference interiors ought to be made and completed with the points above in mind and included in Skyrim-Data.
-Each interior claim-thread is to contain the ID of the respective reference interior.

The interior-claimer should not feel compelled to follow the reference interior all the way, instead s/he merely should get an idea of what people are going to see in similar interiors.

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Re: Reference interiors

Postby SamirA » Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:05 pm

Sounds reasonable. I'll get all the fixes and stuff done soon and then we can choose some.

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