Hello Nordic people types....

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Hello Nordic people types....

Postby RubberMan » Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:45 pm

I guess this is where I say hi?

Ok I willl follow the previous peoples example......

I'm a retired engineer (yes I said retired don't ask my age :D), several wives, several kids and several bills.....

For those of you that may have seen my stuff I mostly make meshes but can script, do dialogue, write books, do interiors, exteriors and erm everything Morrowind except for texturing which I am extremely lousy at unless it's a box lol

If anyone has any meshing requests (I love doing machines and buildings) then feel free to drop me a line here, my email or over at the Nexus (RubberMan01 - lost my old account grrr)

Currently working on a large mod that is mostly Dwemer based and I am remaking the internal meshes for the ruins and everything that goes in them. Some screen shots here > If interested in what I do

Recently made a lumber mill based on the one in Skyrim and all the bits and pieces from the blacksmith.

Ok thats me I guess. Nice to meet you all :)

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Re: Hello Nordic people types....

Postby Worsas » Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:04 pm

Hi Rubberman!

An all-around-modder is anytime welcomed! Is there anything in particular that you would like to contribute to this project?
We have a showcase-system around here similar to the one of TR where you present your work in a certain area of modding within a thread of your own and get promoted for that field of modding once we know that you have become familiar with the way certain things are handled in such a province mod.

You can read up on things to take into account when making a showcase here:

Your dwemer set looks quite interesting so far. It's also great to hear that you are into the other aspects of Morrowind-Modding 'cause we are in need of pretty much anything around here, from modelling over exterior-making to interior-cluttering.

Since you are probably interested in introducing dwemer things to the mod, I should let you know that we are handling dwemers different from Bethesda in TES V (we have been around since before TES V and many things have developed in a way that the dwemer can't be introduced just the way they were in TES V). But we'll have them (mostly based around the velothi mountains) and I'm sure it is no problem to give them a different, yet similar architecture around here.

One thing: It is also important that everything we add to our data files has really been modelled on your own. I'm not claiming that you would do such a thing but to be sure you know this, I'll mention it right away. The artistical direction this mod follows is that we preferably adapt styles from TES V instead of copying them over. A model you have designed on your own is more welcomed than a plagiat from another game. Though, we do have a few pretty much literally remade objects from Oblivion or Skyrim, they only should not make up the majority later.

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Re: Hello Nordic people types....

Postby Luxray » Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:07 pm

Hi Rubberman. Welcome to the forums. Usually there's an initiation rite involving cheese and lit candles but we seem to be out of cheese. So it's just a welcome for now. :D
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Re: Hello Nordic people types....

Postby RubberMan » Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:31 am

Thanks guys. Eating cheese toast in candle light if that works?

As for modding......I generally just came to say hi to fellow modders (Abot gave me the link).

The stuff I model is usually real stuff. i.e. if a machine is needed in a mod it HAS to work or I wont make it. Hence the reason I didn't make the smelter from Skyrim (it wouldn't work rofl)

I copied that stuff because I was A. Bored, B. Couldn't think of anything to mod and C. A guy on Nexus made "Skyrim crafting for Morrowind" and used the God awful models from the original game.....I figured a helping hand was needed :D

I do mostly requests rather than invent my own stuff, street lights, park benches, the odd church, whatever I'm asked for. I only enjoy meshing statics (I don't mind machinery with moving parts but not races or creatures).

I LOVE dialogue. It just floats my boat. Especially thinking up things that random people can say rather than the usual repetitive stuff the come out with in general.

If you had a suggestion of something that was needed? I would have a crack at it and bang it on here.

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Re: Hello Nordic people types....

Postby Lestat DeLioncourt » Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:09 am

Hi RubberMan,

a warm welcome to you at our forums.
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