[Note] Imperial Travel Warning: The Reach (ADDED TO DATA)

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[Note] Imperial Travel Warning: The Reach (ADDED TO DATA)

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Imperial Travel Warning: The Reach
Location: Pinned on notice boards, signposts, outside city gates, Imperial controlled areas ect

Promulgated under the Authority of the Ministry of Commerce of the Third Empire of Men and under the auspices of our noniced blessed Emperor, Uriel VII, patron of Cyrod and the lands beyond the jungled shores of the Niben, the travel warning to the western nordic Reach has been continued for the 31st time since the War of the Bend'r Makh began. While the conflict can no longer be labeled as high-intensity since the sedecially cursed traitor Jagar Tharn has been put to voracious justice, skirmishes continue between the Holds of Solitude and Markarth and the citystates of Elinhir and Jehenna. All merchants traveling between the provinces of Skyrim and High Rock or Hammerfell are highly advised to hire martial protection in the form of the Fighters Guild or any other Imperial-sanctioned mercenary guilds. Organizations not officially registered with the Empire are not recommended, due to reports of bandits, deserters, and Forsworn insurrectionists posing as mercenary guilds and robbing their employer once out of the reach of local authorities.

This travel advisory is in effect until further notice.

Rislav Orens
Provincial Governor of the Reach
19 of Sun's Dawn 3E427
Jarl of Lore for Skyrim: Home of the Nords

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