[Scroll] Invocation

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[Scroll] Invocation

Postby roerich » Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:16 pm

I found this here. I was thinking that this could be a scroll or a note found in Imperial Cult chapels and in the homes of crusaders, healers etc.



Come to me Akatosh, may your power fulfil me.
Come to me Talos, may your strength protect me.
Come to me Julianos, may your wisdom enlighten me.
Come to me Kynareth, may your winds guide me.
Come to me Zenithar, may your labours temper me.
Come to me Stendarr, may your justice defend me.
Come to me Mara, may your love compel me.
Come to me Dibella, may your beauty seduce me.
Come to me Arkay, may your duty encourage me.

Flee from me Azura, may your sphere never trap me.
Flee from me Boethiah, may your plots never betray me.
Flee from me Clavicus Vile, may your deals never involve me.
Flee from me Hermaeus Mora, may your knowledge never consume me.
Flee from me Hircine, may your beasts never hunt me.
Flee from me Malacath, may your fate never befall me.
Flee from me Mehrunes Dagon, may your ambition never destroy me.
Flee from me Mephala, may your webs never entangle me.
Flee from me Meridia, may your light never blind me.
Flee from me Molag Bal, may your chains never enslave me.
Flee from me Namira, may your darkness never corrupt me.
Flee from me Nocturnal, may your shadows never hide me.
Flee from me Peryite, may your diseases never harm me.
Flee from me Sanguine, may your debauchery never taint me.
Flee from me Sheogorath, may your madness never take me.
Flee from me Vaermina, may your dreams never haunt me.
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