Nordic Pantheon Runes (doodles inside!)

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Nordic Pantheon Runes (doodles inside!)

Postby french ninja » Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:46 pm

I've been working on this and another project for about a month now and I would really appreciate some feedback.
These would be modern runes, not animal totems. You could find these in temples, menhirs, nordic decoration in armors, weapons, artifacts, clutter, and post-Dragon War barrows and ruins

Shor: The heart of Lorkhan with its arteries and veins interconnecting to form a knot. Two danswyrm vipers border it on either side (snake totem)

Dibella: I essentially recreated Muspila's design

Alduin: Alduin in a ouroburos fashion to depict cyclic destruction

Kyne: A hawk holding a spear in its clutches (spearwife of Shor) with wind escaping its mouth (her gift to nords: thu'um)

Ysmir: It's a fox turning into ash with a crown on it's head (Wulfharth Ash-King). I don't really like this one as it looks too much like the Firefox logo :lol:

Stuhn: A figure holding an elf while dropping coin (God of Ransom). He has the head of a bear (remnant of bear totem)

Mara: All I did was take Mara's symbol since Daggerfall, rotate it 90 degrees, and lengthen the "legs" and outstretch the "arms": instant inviting motherly figure. The water rune below her feet are tears (tear-wife of Shor)

Jhunal: Since I decided to associate the Owl totem with Jhunal, I used a runic owl.. If you look hard, you can see Julianos' triangle symbol hidden in the shape of the owl.

Tsun: A dead whale, but not just some ordinary whale like a humpback whale. Some freaky fantasy whale (snow whale?) You could put the Heart of Lorkhan under his skeleton to show im protecting Shor. His back is curved to represent the Whale-Bone Bridge leading into the Hall of Valor, Shor's meadhall
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