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Discussion, Exterior-Claims and Interior Claims situated around 'Falkreath'.
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Falkreath Lore Hub

Postby roerich » Wed May 28, 2014 8:14 pm

A place to gather relevant lore and have a more free-form discussion and brainstorm, instead of the threads focused on holds, cities etc.

From the Third Book of the Belharzareta: "He wintered first with the (minotaurs known as the) Shatterstones of ‘kreath, who taught him the art of cliff-striding in search of salt and tender greens." But it would seem that the area was also inhabited by the Men-of-Kreath, who joined the Alessian Rebellion and overthrew the Ayleid King of Fellcarthruyne in 1E 242. By the end of the Second Era, Falkreath was ruled by King Cuhlecain Zeruth of Falkreath who united the Colovian Estates around 2E 850. When his successor Tiber Septim created the Tamrielic Empire, Skyrim was granted the Kingdom of Kreath in return for the Nords' sworn loyalty - a promise that was not universally honored.

Taken from About Languages of Men

Later the Nedic tribes arrived from Atmora in waves, speaking their own languages, and in time spread to Skyrim, Colovia and Hammerfell, and sharing a commong cultural heritage. At least some tribes can be defined; the early Nords, Men-of-‘Kreath2, and Colovians. Judging by the fact that the Men-of-‘Kreath - while part of the larger Colovian group of tribes - were a tribe of their own, it is also possible that the Colovians too were a group of separate tribes who later found the kingdoms of Chorrol, Skingrad, Kvatch, and Anvil, before the unification of Cyrodiil.

2 a tribe mentioned in Adabal-A, and reported to be imported from the North. They were most likely a North Colovian tribe living in the area of modern Falkreath. This is likely, as Falkreath has been historically considered a part of Colovia, not Skyrim.

"Kreath" is possibly just a very old Nord word for a large settlement. There was once a Kilkreath as well. Remember the Nords had their own tongue distinct from Tamrielic and Dovah. This is mentioned in brief fragments of lore, such as the fact the word "Dragon" is from the Nord tongue they used among themselves, separate from Dovah.
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