[Reachman village] Murderous Jealousy

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[Reachman village] Murderous Jealousy

Postby roerich » Mon Mar 31, 2014 11:13 am

Summary: (and rough sketch with room for improvements)

1. The player arrives in a Reachman village, and talks to the locals. One of them asks the player to meet him in a location outside the village (a landmark, a beneath a tree or something) after midnight, if the player wants to help him.

2. The player does this, and the man tells him that the girl he is sweet on, has chosen another man, a strong hunter of the tribe. He wants the player to kill the hunter on one of his hunting trips (perhaps the next day), where he knows that he will be in a certain chasm or part of the forest.

3. (optional) The player asks around the village. Asking about the questgivers tells you that he is a pathetic, lazy slob, and that everyone hates him. Asking about the hunter tells you that he is very much liked, and a good, valued member of the tribe. Asking the girl in question tells you that she has chosen him because he is strong and fair.

4.a The player goes to the location, and kills the hunter.

4.b The player tells either the tribe Matriarch, the hunter or the girl about the plan.

5.a The player is rewarded a piece of Wormmouth armor, an enchanted necklace or maybe the location of a tomb with values in it. The tribe is mourning.

5.b The player is rewarded something better than from the original questgiver. The culprit is then either exiled or killed.
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