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Postby Worsas » Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:16 am

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Morrowind Lore

currently contain dialogue that only should be seen in Morrowind. The orc chieftain for example gives a warrior-description where he speaks of "here on vvardenfell"

What can be done about that? I just checked and saw that dialogue that only is to appear on solstheim is filtered by a dummy-interior-cell called Solstheim. So we could make a dummy-cell for each hold to keep our dialogue within Skyrim and maybe more hold-related too.

What to do about the trade-descriptions? I imagine you could make an own entry for each hold. But it will probably a lot smarter to create own only-npc-classes to cover acrobats, warriors, nightblades... and their trade-descriptions in Skyrim.

Is there any way to exclude the topic Morrowind Lore from being listed at all? As far as I'm aware there is none except placing noLore=1 on each npc which would require a script to be placed on each npc too? So what we could do here is placing a default answer for each hold in Skyrim.

I assume that you are already aware of this problem, yeti? What do you think? Is it important enough to get fixed before we make our first release?

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Re: Morrowind-dialogue

Postby Yeti » Sun Sep 30, 2012 3:17 am

Yes, I'm aware of the problem, and your solutions sound good, Woras. I also thought of having Skyrim unique versions of each of the vanilla classes.
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Re: Morrowind-dialogue

Postby Lestat DeLioncourt » Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:13 am

Skyrim unique classes (even if the classes are the same as on Vvardenfell) could work as some sort of filter if the dialogues are linked to those classes only. Worsas idea with the dummy interior sounds like a good solution too. I think the best way is a combination of both, since if a dialogue passed the interior cell it still can be filtered by the costum class.

Not using the vanilla classes seems like a clean way to seperate the dialogues from Vvardenfell and the interior cell like a clean idea to sort it in holds and maybe even regions of a hold...and the common dialogues could be copy - pasted I a Sky_commoner won't talk the same stuff than a commoner.
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