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Dungeon types overview

Postby roerich » Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:14 am

Let's get an overview of the different dungeon types we're implementing, as well as what enemies and loot to find in them. This will help streamlining new interior claims and NPC'ing.

Work in progress


Cave types:
- Rock cave
- Dirt cave
- Ice cave

Possible uses (and enemies):
- Mine (iron, silver, diamond, gold)
- Bandit/smuggler cave
- Vampire cave
- Hostile wizard(s)/necromancer hideout
- Redguard insurgency hideout
- Hostile Reachmen hideout
- Reachman Matriarch cave
- Goblin cave
- Animal cave (bear etc.)


Ruin types:
- Direnni ruins
Enemies: Mostly Daedra. Also undead, bandits, goblins, wizards, Reachmen

- Breton towers (and basement dungeons)
Enemies: Undead, Daedra, wizards

- Barrows
Enemies: Draugr, draugr and more draugr. Also bandits, wizards, outcasts, necromancers.

- Reman-era towers
Enemies: Undead, bandits, Hörme?, raiders
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